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7 Top Statement Earrings Trends: A Winter Holiday Essential

2016-12-18 23:38:50 0 By: Serena Times Read: 1032

The Top 7 New Trends In Statement Fashion Earrings and Jewelry

With holiday parties on the agenda of many, you may be looking for a distinct look without the embarrassment of showing up at more than one party wearing the same thing as someone else, or worse, repeating an outfit yourself for lack of variety in your wardrobe.

One thing most designers agree upon is smart accessorizing can turn heads and elevate your mood as well. Fashion accessories such as a new handbag or shoes are great, but expensive when trying to fill the need for several events, and lets face it - they lose their "wow" factor as soon as you hang your purse on a chair or sit it on the floor or roll it up under a coat. Your shoes quickly lose center stage as you sit down. 

A lustrous pair of statement earrings goes a long way to lift you and your outfit all evening as they frame your face and draw the attention to you. A matching or complimentary necklace and or wrist band or bracelet can further emphasize your look, and what's more, you can have different sets to compliment every event uniquely. Fashion jewelry is both affordable and when a quality piece is purchased, it can be an absolutely stunning addition to your look. The following top ideas for statement earring trends may help you to decide what to wear to spice up your holiday outings this year.

Statement Earring Hoops

Hoops are not only classic, they are extremely versatile and can be worn in huge maxi sizes while still making a sophisticated minimalist fashion statement.

Scrub Earring Hoops

This pair of classy hoops make a brilliant addition to both an elegant evening outfit or a dress-down casual wardrobe. The rough texture on these scrub earrings plays nicely with the evening light and they will frame your face beautifully with hair slightly above or behind the ears, or pulled back with gel or in a low bun.

Designer Statement Earrings Inspired by Hirotaka

These earrings are remnicent of classic or vintage minimalist style and are inspired by the designs of Hirotaka at a very affordable fraction of the price! Their sculptural design adds dimension at a very subtle and sophisticated level. They add a gentle yet sparkling look to accentuate the face and eyes.

Sculptural Statement Earrings

These earrings are a variation of the above but with more design and scuptural elements added for great reflection of light. The braided edging allows for the look to be more casual if you desire.

Dangle Statement Fashion Earrings

Although this has become a regular feature on the runway circuit, these dangle statement earrings are a bit more subdued in that they do not cascade down below the shoulder. There is just enough bling to keep from getting would up in your collar, scarf, or coat during the cold winter days when you are covered up outdoors, but once you arrive, this beautiful look will shine and turn heads wherever you go.

Angel Wing Statement Earrings

Angel wings have become a popular fashion statement in both necklaces and earrings. This set of rhinestone crystal earrings provide just enough dangle length to pop and just enough bling to frame your face elegantly. They even show well with some hairstyles that may partially cover.

Winter Star Statement Earrings

Both elegant and glimmering with light, these dangle earrings in the shape of Winter stars really highlight the seasonal mood of any evening winter outfit. They may be a bit showy for casual, but because the theme is winter they can also be fun to make that maxi jewelry fashion statement that separates your look from the rest.

Ear Stud Statement Earrings

Sometimes simple statements can make the most impact, which is the case with these elegant rhinestone studs. The sophisticated layout of this earring design lends itself to a more expensive look at a very affordable price. These studs dangle just enough glam right below the earlobe for a perfect look with any evening or even casual wear.

Bold and Big Yet Graceful Crystal Statement Earrings

Chandelier style crystals set in simple dangle earrings make a big statement with their simplicity and size. These are perfect to go with just about any outfit and provide the special feeling of dress-up that you deserve at holiday occasions or any day of the week.

Will Statement Earrings Be Just A Holiday Fad?

With models in recent runway shows showing off bold, brilliant and trendy earrings, it has set the stage for a very prominent trend in fashion for the holidays and the coming year. Huge Maxi earring styles are showing up as danglers, hoops, and large sculptural objects like flowers and animals.

The new trend embraces both classical and highly contemporary styles, so if you are not up to a heavy dramatic statement of some earrings that cascade down even beyond the shoulders, you can still enjoy a more dressed down or classic and even vintage look.

How To Find The Best Statement Fashion Earrings for You

When you look for that special pair of earrings to fit your personal style, think of 3 things that can make or break your look:

1. Versatility. Earrings you choose should be versatile enough to wear with different outfits and different styles, such as sophisticated evening should also work with some of your casual and dress-down clothing. Look at designer styles and you will find many inspired designs in your price range.

2. Size. Even with minamalist or classic earring styles, You should be able to actually see the earrings and they should frame your face well, making a fashion statement that beautifies and compliments your look. Wear your hair pulled back or up in a bun to accentuate the effect.

3. Wearability. This includes the quality and comfort of the jewelry you select. Good quality can be found on any budget, just be sure that stones are securely in place, and that if the earring is not solid gold, that it is stainless steel or real gold plated or filled to avoid sensitivity. Most importantly, the earring post or fitting should be comfortable so you don't find yourself having to run to the ladies room to remove them halfway through your evening.

You may have to get used to pushing the boundaries of your usual style when you amp up your look for the holidays, but this is the time for the perfect excuse to show off. Enjoy your upgraded look and turning some heads for this special time of year.


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